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I was in hospital in Canada for 14 days and then came home to Nassau. I was admitted to Princess Margaret Hospital for another 15 days; they took great care of me. My nurses were the best. It took me months to get back on my feet, but the support, the care and prayers I received from the staff made all the difference. I can still remember one of the nurses coming to my bed and praying with me each morning before she started work.
Dave S. – patient PMH
The nurses became like family. They took such good care of Mummy and then when it came close to the end they called us. They let all of us get around Mummy’s bed and hold hands and sing and pray as she passed away. I can’t thank the nurses of Princess Margaret Hospital enough… they helped us make it through. I know those nurses genuinely cared for my mother.
Sally R. – patient’s daughter PMH
It was an emergency and I couldn’t get an appointment at my regular dentist. I was surprised that I could be seen by the doctor just that day; and I was pleasantly surprised at the speedy treatment I was given. I have no hesitation in recommending the Dental Clinic at Princess Margaret Hospital to anyone. I also had both my children at the hospital. I’ve been treated well, my family has been treated well and I will affirm that I’ve received good quality service at the hospital.
Candy B. – patient PMH dental clinic & maternity ward
The entire staff was friendly and patient. I never thought that having an operation on my eye would be such a pleasant experience
Antoine A.
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