Sodium Cromoglycate

Drug Class: Respiratory Drugs
Dosage Form: Solution
Strength: 20mg/2ml
Indications/Special comments: Indicated as a prophylaxis in the management of bronchial asthma in patients who require continuing symptomatic relief. It has no role in the treatment of an acute attack of asthma, especially status asthmaticus, because it has no intrinsic bronchodilating activity. It is also indicated to prevent bronchospasm induced by exercise or by exposure to allergens, cold dry air, environmental pollutants, or other known precipitating factors when exposure is either episodic or continuous.
Dosage Administration: Oral inhalation: 20mg (1 capsule) as a single dose just prior to exposure to the precipitating factor; or, if used chronically, 20mg (1 capsule) four times a day at regular intervals, the dosage being adjusted as needed and tolerated. Child up to 2 years of age: The capsule for inhalation should not be used.