Bahamas National Drug Agency (BNDA)

BNDAThe Bahamas National Drug Agency (BNDA) was formed in 1994, under the Ministry of Health, in order to streamline purchasing of medicines for public sector health facilities. After the formation of the Public Hospitals Authority (PHA), the BNDA resumed its functioning under the administrative oversight of the PHA as a “shared service” unit. This means that while the PHA has responsibility for the BNDA, the Agency provides services for all public sector pharmacies.

Under the PHA, the scope of the BNDA’s functions also expanded to include:

  1. Supply management of pharmaceuticals & associated supplies, inclusive of tendering exercises;
  2. Development of policy and processes related to pharmacy management & pharmaceutical care;
  3. Collaboration with institutional Pharmacy & Therapeutic committees;
  4. Provision of training in various areas of pharmacy practice & supply management;
  5. Processing of national (public & private) narcotic medication records; and
  6. Provision of technical advice to the PHA relating to pharmacy matters.

The BNDA is located on Market & McPherson streets and currently has a staff of twenty-four (24) professionals, ranging from administrators, pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, supply officers and support personnel. It works directly with all PHA and public health pharmacies, and has indirect interaction with various government health programs, including but not limited to HIV/AIDS unit, and the Disease Surveillance unit. It also provides technical assistance to the Customs Department and the Drug Enforcement Unit of the Royal Bahamas Police Force when necessary.

For additional information on the BNDA and its services, contact the offices or the Corporate Office of the Public Hospitals Authority at 242-502-1400.

Contact Information
Bahamas National Drug Agency
Market & McPherson Streets
P.O. Box N-8200
Nassau, Bahamas
Main Telephone: (242) 328-6662/4/8
                         (242) 328-6664

Facsimile:          (242) 328-6665