Materials Management Directorate (MMD)


The Materials Management Department shall continually strive to perform the services assigned to this department in a superior manner, while constantly seeking improved systems and methods:
  • Seek the best value in every purchase;
  • Maintain the highest ethical standards;
  • Initiate supply systems for re-supply and transport that minimize the involvement of clinicians and other customers;
  • Manage inventories to assure that goods are available;
  • Customers are treated courteously, promptly and efficiently.

The Materials Management Department will endeavor for excellence in all activities.


To be a department that consistently provides significant contribution to the Public Hospitals Authority’s strategic goal through leadership and direction in the optimization of the organizational resources.


We exercise these values to meet or exceed the expectations of our customers and each other:
  • Integrity:  We make decisions and act consistently to reflect the highest ethical standards that support an environment of honesty and trust.
  • Team Work:  We work together in a synergistic manner, using open communication to achieve greatest success in all our relationships.
  • Innovation:  We encourage a creative environment which fosters the development of unique concepts and solutions
  • Excellence:  We deliver unparalleled service, high quality outcomes, and exceptional reliability


  • To maintain a value analysis approach to the evaluation and selection of all products and services for use throughout the organization.
  • To optimize the value of all inventories
  • To partner with selected suppliers, including the primary group purchasing organization, where mutual benefit and value will result.
  • To facilitate interdepartmental communication, support alternate care facilities including supporting patient care programs.
  • To develop and maintain user friendly systems for the acquisition and delivery of needed supplies
  • To eliminate waste and redundancy throughout the organization.
  • To provide goods and service in timely manner.
  • To examine cost in use vs. clinical outcome
  • To find strategic business opportunities.

Materials Management Directorate (MMD) was established in 1993 and has responsibility for the procurement, processing and distribution of supplies, equipment and services throughout the various departments within the Public Hospitals Authority and Public Health Clinics as it relates to medical and surgical supplies. The office is located on Fourth Terrace Collins Avenue next door to the Oxford Medical Centre and currently has a staff complement of twenty-eight (28).

The MMD is governed by a body of trained clinicians, administrators, supplies and accountant officers.   All products and equipment acquired for the organization are subject to examination to ensure that they are providing the optimal value possible. The Public Hospitals Authority maintains a Value Analysis process to perform this function.

Value analysis — a proven method of reviewing all expenditures by a multidisciplinary team to ensure that optimal benefit is achieved and unnecessary costs are eliminated.

Materials Management Directorate is facilitated by the work of a multi-disciplinary committee known as the S.A.V.E. (Supply Analysis Valuation and Engineering) Committee. This committee is responsible for ensuring that there is appropriate evaluation and standardization of new and existing medical/surgical products being purchased for the agencies of the Ministry of Health and the Public Hospitals Authority. This process very often involves contracting the services of internationally based specialist firms such as ECRI (Emergency Care Research Institute - an independent non-profit health services research agency) to obtain additional advice, analysis and evaluation of products and equipment.

Operational Functions

  1. The Materials Management Directorate is open for business from 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M., Monday through Friday and is staffed after hours, weekends and holidays for emergencies.
  2. Materials Management is responsible for the procurement, processing and distribution of supplies, equipment and services through its various departments.
  3. Receiving Department - receives all materials coming into the facility, inspects shipments for accuracy and completes and forwards documentation to Purchasing.
  4. Purchasing Department - prepares and processes all purchase orders.
  5. Warehouse / Distribution Department - the Storeroom maintains an adequate supply of stock inventory to maintain the PAR Level Replenishment System and fill departmental stock requisitions.
  6. Inventory Control - manage the Computer Inventory Control System, and provides timely and accurate data regarding the conditions of all official inventory items maintained in a Perpetual Inventory System.  It is linked with the Accounting System for the general ledger, accounts payable and budget management.
  7. Transportation Department - ensure safe and efficient running and maintenance of all PHA’s vehicles.
  8. Human Resources - facilitate compliance with all of PHA’s Rules and Regulations.
  9. Customs Clearance - clear all non-stock medical and surgical supplies and equipment throughout the PHA.

For additional information on Materials Management Directorate and its services, contact our office or the Corporate Office of the Public Hospitals Authority at 242-502-1400.

Contact Information
Materials Management Directorate
Fourth Terrace, Centreville
P.O. Box N-8200
Nassau, Bahamas
Main Telephone:      (242) 397-8500
Fax:                         (242) 322-2077