PMH Update: Labour Day March Mass Casualty

As a follow-up to the tragic events which transpired during the national Labour Day March of Friday 2nd June 2018, the Princess Margaret Hospital wishes to report the following:

The hospital received a total of thirty-one (31) persons via EMS Services and personal vehicles at its Accident & Emergency Department. Two (2) of the persons fatally injured on the scene were transported to the Morgue at PMH; another person who expired at Doctors Hospital’s Emergency Room was also transported to the PMH Morgue. One (1) person initially brought in to the Accident & Emergency Department expired following arrival. Twenty-five (25) persons were treated for a range of injuries and discharged. Two patients were admitted on the Surgical Ward, PMH. Two (2) other patients were admitted at Doctors Hospital.

Persons wishing to donate blood at the Blood Bank, Princess Margaret Hospital may do so until 5pm today. The public is reminded that only trauma and life-threatening cases should present at the Accident & Emergency Department.

Management at the Princess Margaret Hospital wishes to thank members of the public for their patience regarding the delivery of scheduled services at this time.