Q. Who can qualify as a vendor?

A.  A vendor is any local distributor that wishes to supply goods or services. A vendor should:

  • be physically located within the Bahamas
  • have all appropriate licenses/registrations in current standing, not limited but including business licenses, professional licenses and National Insurance Board approval

All appropriate documents necessary to qualify as a vendor are listed within the "Instructions for Tender" document.

Q.  Who can qualify as a manufacturer?

A.  A manufacturing company must be responsible for the overall production process of any product that they wish to supply. A manufacturer must show that the company has all appropriate qualifications, including but not necessarily limited to:

  • relevant international certifications (GMP, GTP, etc)
  • current national registration/licensure in the country of origin
  • current registration/approvals for the products for which they are supplying
  • current contractual agreement with a local vendor who is approved by PHA

A full listing of all requirements is provided within the "Instructions for Tender" document.

Q. Who selects the products for the Tender?

A.  Items are selected for recommendation for contracts by a Tender Selection Committee. The members of this committee include pharmacists, physicians, administrators and supply officers within the public sector.

Q. How are selected items approved for contracts?

A.  The recommendations of the Tender Selection Committee are submitted to the PHA Finance Committee, who after their approval, forward it to the Executive Board of the PHA. If the Board approves, then contracts for the items are issued.

Q. What is the Performance Bond and how is it applied?

A.  The Performance Bond is approximately 10% of the dollar amount of a vendor's total contract award. It is held by PHA for use in the event that an inability by the vendor to supply a contracted item results in the PHA having to incur additional costs in supplying it via other vendors.

Q. What criteria is used to select items?

A. Items are selected on varying degrees of certain criteria, namely, but not limited to:

  • price
  • conformation to specified clinical parameters
  • suitability of product format and/or package size
  • vendor/manufacturer performance in supplying
  • external market factors
  • patent considerations
  • domestic product support

Q. How long is the tender period?

A. The Tender for Drugs & Related Items is normally for a 12-month period, but is able to be adjusted as necessary

The Tender for Medical & Surgical supplies is usually for a period of 20 months.